Clementine Art

I’ve been searching for quite some time for environmentally friendly and non-toxic art supplies for my daughter. The frustrating part was I would find one manufacturer that made one and only one great product. That is, until I discovered Clementine Art. Their products are made from 80% post consumer recycled and reusable materials and are professional quality. They are the first line of all natural children’s art products available nationally at Whole Foods Market. Their product lines include washable paints, water-based markets, crayons, crayon ‘rocks’, scented modeling dough and washable glue.Their products are colored with plant and mineral pigments instead of artificial dyes. Their paints won’t crack or flake and their modeling dough will never turn into a crumbled mess all over your carpet. Here’s another crazy tidbit, Celementine Art is the first art product company to list all of their ingredients on its packages. How crazy is that!!Clementine Art was founded by Diana Mercer, a former teacher with 20 years of experience in education, arts education and child development. She knows first hand how important it is to have safe products for fear that the second you turn your back, your may child sneak a taste of one of their art supplies. She also knows that if a product doesn’t work well or isn’t vibrant enough, it won’t keep the attention of your child. Art products encourage imagination, problem solving, creativity and a way for your children to express themselves.My daughter absolutely adores her Clementine Art Soy Crayons. The colors are extremely vibrant, no more having to press hard to get deep, rich color from the crayons. My daughter carries her crayons around with her every where she goes and has become slightly possessive over them. No, really, she’ll yell at you if you even look at them. I’ve never been so excited over art supplies for her before. Tomorrow, I’m making a special trip to Whole Foods for the Strawberry, Lemon and Lime scented modeling dough.

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